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Passwords Manager
Safe-n-Secure Password Manager offers 256-bit encrypted Password Management. It helps you safely store and remember all your various passwords and accounts.

Help Topics
Getting Started with Password Manager
Restoring a Backup File
Creating your User Profile
Signing In
The Password Manager Interface
Exploring the Password List
Exploring the Password Details
User Controls

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Getting Started
There are two ways to launch Password Manager.
  • Locate the program icon and double-click it
  • Open:  Start Menu | SafenSecure | Password Manager| Password Manager
Once the program is launched for the first time, you have two options:
  1. Restore a Backup File
  2. Creating your Safe-n-Secure account

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Restoring a Backup
Restoring a backup file will overwrite your current data, so backup and restore carefully.

Restoring a backup is quick and easy with Safe-n-Secure Password Manager. There are two places to select Restore a Backup:
  1. Choose Restore Backup from the startup screen
  2. From inside the program, choose Restore Backup from the File menu
Once Restore Backup is invoked, you'll need to:
  1. Acknowledge that your file will be overwritten
  2. Locate you backup file
That's it.

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Creating your User Profile
Setting up a user account with Safe-n-Secure is fast and easy. Password Manager walks your through setting up a user account and offers tips for creating a solid password.

Once you reach the product password screen, simply:
  1. Define a username
  2. Define a password
  3. Retype the password to verify
A solid password needs to be at least 8 characters in length.

Once you have completed this form, click the next button.

Once you have chosen a username and password. You need to acknowledge that this is the password you would like and that Ncode has not built a backdoor.

You must remember this password as Ncode cannot retrieve it for you .

Once you have read the warning, click the checkbox to acknowledge this fact. Once it is checked, you may signin.

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Signing In
In order to access Safe-n-Secure Password Manager, you will be presented with a password screen. Simply choose the your username from the dropdown list. Then add the password for this user.

If you do not see your username, you can add it here. Simply:
  • Click the Add a New User button
  • Follow the on screen instructions
If you would like further help on Adding a New User,
Click Here
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Password Manager Interface
There area several main areas of this screen:

Password List
This is where you can explore your complete list of passwords and accounts.

Password Detail
This is where you can see the details of your password file or account.
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Password List
This is where you can explore your full list of passwords/accounts.

Add a New Password
You can easily add a new password to this list by selecting the Add a New Password button.

You can easily review your list by viewing by category. Categories include:
  • Banking
  • Shopping
  • Web passwords
  • Accounts
Password Search
After using Password Manager for a while, you can get a large list of passwords. Finding the password you'd like to locate can be a challenge. This field allows you to look through your passwords and all the information associated with them. Search for an email, a web address, a username or any other field.

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Password Details
This is where you can see details of your password record. From this main area you can easily Edit or Delete this record.

Copy Buttons
The Username and Password field features a Copy button. This button copies the username or password so you can easily paste it in a web browser.

Copying and pasting usernames and passwords is a great way to avoid keyloggers, a dangerous application which records your key strokes and sends the information out to a hacker.

Browse Button
The browse button opens up a web browser to the url you have added to this record.

Show Password Box
Selecting this box will make your passwords visible.

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User Controls
There are two ways to access various user controls. There is a Users menu item and a Users button. These different controls allow you to:
  • Logout the current user
  • Swap users
  • Add a new user to the program
  • Change the current users password
Safe-n-Secure Password Manager allows an unlimited number of users, however each user account is private from each other and cannot be accessed without that users password. Your data is safe with Safe-n-Secure.
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System Backup/Restore
There are two ways to access the system backup and restore feature. You can go under the File menu item and also use the Backup button. This feature allows you to:
  • Make a complete data backup of the current user
  • Restore a previous backup
IMPORTANT - Restoring a Password Manager backup file will overwrite any data you have for the current user.

For your protection and convenience, Safe-n-Secure also performs auto-backups of your data every 5th time you exit the program.

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