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PC Tattletale

This easy to use Internet monitoring & parental control software makes it easy to help protect your children when they go online, use instant messaging, chat rooms or anytime children are online.

PC Tattletale Internet monitoring software automatically records: All Email - both in AND outbound mail, all Chat sessions, all Instant Messages, every web sites visited, all Keystrokes, Passwords, Videos and more!

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Kids posting too much information on social networking sites may be dangerous. Here's a tool to help you protect them.

As Dateline NBC reports almost weekly, social networking sites like MySpace, Xanga and others are virtual shopping malls for cyber predators. PC Tattletale, gives parents an "all in one" Internet monitoring and parental control solution that let's parents monitor all of their children's on and offline computer activity.

It discretely tracks all the computer activities of your children when they are on or off line - automatically. It runs automatically in the background, or you can use it's built-in scheduler to monitor only during the hours your children use the family PC.

Recognized as a world leader in Internet monitoring a parental control software, PC tattletale continues to win numerous awards and accolades for its outstanding simplicity, ease of use and powerful monitoring features.

This all in one Internet monitoring software utility allows parents to select over seven different monitoring tools, all built into one easy-to-use software interface.

Powerful Chat Recorder

Records all chat sessions & Instant messages - Captures both sides ANY Chat conversation or Instant Message, including: AOL Chat Rooms and Instant Messenger, AOL Triton ICQ Chats, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Trillain chat and even MySpace.Com!

Stealth Technology

Once installed PC Tattletale will not appear in the Windows Start Menu, Desktop, Task Manager, Program Files Folders, or even the Add/Remove programs menu - PC Tattletale is TOTALLY invisible to the user.

Screenshot Capture

PC Tattletale's "VCR like controls & playback" makes it as simple as clicking the "PLAY" button to watch EVERYTHING your child did when they were online!

Keystroke Logger

Records all keystrokes including passwords, "hidden characters" and true keystrokes too - including MySpace account passwords.

Email Monitoring

PC Tattletale captures both in AND outbound mail, records Outlook & Outlook Express, AOL Email, Eudora, SMTP/POP3 Email, MS Exchange Email, Hotmail, Yahoo Email, MSN System Email.

PC Tattletale can even send you copies of your child's emails in REAL TIME so you'll know what's going on even if you're at the office!

URL Web Filtering

Keyword blocking -- Specify any web site that you want blocked. If your child tries to go to a web site that contains that keyword, PC Tattletale displays a "404 Page not found error," leaving them wondering why they can't get into blocked site.

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What we love about this product:

We know, this feels a little greasy, spying on your kids. But after seeing all the DateLine stories, our customers asked us to find a tool to help them. This was one of the best of breed titles we could find.

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