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Safe-n-Secure offers 256-bit encrypted Password Management. It helps you safely store and remember all your various passwords and accounts.

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The Password Manager Interface
Exploring the Password List
Exploring the Password Details

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Password Manager Interface
There area several main areas of this screen:

Password List
This is where you can explore your complete list of passwords and accounts.

Password Detail
This is where you can see the details of your password file or account.
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Password List
This is where you can explore your full list of passwords/accounts.

Add a New Password
You can easily add a new password to this list by selecting the Add a New Password button.

You can easily review your list by viewing by category. Categories include:
  • Banking
  • Shopping
  • Web passwords
  • Accounts
Password Search
After using Password Manager for a while, you can get a large list of passwords. Finding the password you'd like to locate can be a challenge. This field allows you to look through your passwords and all the information associated with them. Search for an email, a web address, a username or any other field.

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Password Details
This is where you can see details of your password record. From this main area you can easily Edit or Delete this record.

Copy Buttons
The Username and Password field features a Copy button. This button copies the username or password so you can easily paste it in a web browser.

Copying and pasting usernames and passwords is a great way to avoid keyloggers, a dangerous application which records your key strokes and sends the information out to a hacker.

Browse Button
The browse button opens up a web browser to the url you have added to this record.

Show Password Box
Selecting this box will make your passwords visible.

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